09 Jan 13 at 6 pm

Newest addition to my furry family. Adopted this guy on Saturday but the shelter fixed him for me, so I picked him up today (they know me  pretty well down there by now!) His name at the shelter was Nick, but I will re-name him. He’s a Netherland Dwarf, 1y and 4mo old, and has one (!) white paw. I guess he lost his other socks.

Like I said before, Vera knew something good was coming. She’s so fucking excited right now, binkying all over the place. The perfectly litter trained lady is now leaving bunny berries  to mark her territory. Fun. He needs to be isolated for a few days to heal and then the bonding can slowly begin.

No bunny will ever replace Munchkin, my first love, but there’s enough room in mine and Vera’s heart for a new friend. It still seems soon, but Vera needs the companionship. I sure hope she likes him!

  1. deekrypt said: Bunnies have to be the nicest people to come home to after a long day.
  2. sabbatnoir said: what a rabbit babe!!
  3. equinoxes said: Awwww!
  4. shroudedandpale said: Congrats! Hope you, Temporary Nick and Vera will all have lots of fun and love.
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